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Things you should know before listing your Spring Texas home

Spring and Summer is always the beginning! The Spring Texas real estate market heats up just as the weather heats up. So if you are planning on selling your Spring Texas home anytime in the near future, here are a few things you should know.

Showing your Spring Texas home.

Remember when buyers make a decision to purchase a home they do it emotionally! First they decide what area they want to live in. Spring Texas is many buyer’s first pick! Then they begin house hunting. The feeling they get from the homes they view in the Spring area, and the way they picture themselves enjoying the home are two of the most important factors in the decision process.

Prior to every showing.

1. Open drapes or blinds.
2. Turn on lights.
3. Turn on soft music.
4. Put any animals outside or in their kennels.
5. Be sure the thermostat is set for cool or heat depending on the time of year.
6. Leave during your showing if possible. Most buyers prefer to view homes with their Realtor only.

Removing these things from your home while you are on the market is recommended.

1. Personal Photos & Decorations – If your shelves and/or walls are covered with and abundance of photos and decorative pieces, it is time to start packing them up. When buyers are looking at homes, you want them to focus on the wonderful features your home as to offer, not your décor.
2. Your Personal Valuables – it is always best to put away any money, jewelry, and family heirlooms. Even though a licensed Realtor will be with any protentional buyers while they view your home, it is best to be safe than sorry.
3. Personal Documents – Sadly identity theft happens more than most people even imagine. Therefore, it is recommended that as a seller you put away any bills, personal paperwork, credit cards, etc. that someone could obtain your personal information from.
4. Medication – Many home owners tend to leave their daily medication in view as a reminder that they need to be taken i.e. in the kitchen, bathroom or next to the bed. To insure that your medication does not come up missing, be sure to put it away and out of sight while your home is on the market for sale.
5. Personal Calendars – Calendars, like social media, is one of the best ways criminals find out who is home and not home. Don’t make it public information by leaving out your calendars or any other information that might reflect when you will be gone. Why make things easy on today’s criminals?

Hopefully this information serves to be helpful to you as a Spring Texas seller. For more information please contact one of the professional Realtors at RE/MAX Integrity, 19510 Kuykendahl, SPRING TEXAS 281-370-5100.

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