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Info For Seller’s Guide


Remember when the buyer enters your home “It’s Showtime”!To enhance the buyers perception, use the following list as a guide to maximize the benefits of your home.(Space, Access, Roominess, Condition)

Cut and edge the lawn weekly for a finished appearance.
Trim all shrubbery and remove low-lying tree limbs.
Plant flowers if needed to add some color in your front yard.
Replace downed shutters, gutters, and downspouts. Remove debris from gutters and downspouts.
Paint any trim that is blistering.
Repaint or restain the front door to create a pleasant first impression.
Replace torn screens from windows.

Paint walls and woodwork where necessary.
Clean draperies and carpeting (stretch if loose).
Fix any dripping faucets, perhaps only a washer is needed.
Replace old caulking around bathtubs. The can be done with one tube or new caulking and a putty knife.
Place room deodorizers in rooms where needed.
Clean closets out so they don’t look cluttered and will show larger.
Avoid too many appliances on the kitchen counter, if need be put some away to expose maximum counter space.
Pre-pack items which may clutter your home.
Wash windows.
Clean fans and vent hoods.
Be sure garage is as neat and orderly as possible.
Make sure the garage door opener functions properly.

Remember when buyers make a decision to purchase a home they do it emotionally! The feeling they get from the house and the way they picture themselves enjoying the home are two of the most important factors in the decision to buy. The following list offers a few suggestions to help the buyers create their own good feelings and visualize themselves owning your home.

Open drapes or blinds.
Turn on lights.
Turn on soft music.
Put dog outside or in crate.
Be sure house is cool in the summer/warm in the winter.
Do not speak to potential purchasers.
It is recommended that you leave during showings or at least stay out of the potential buyers way. It makes them feel more comfortable during the showing.