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Things you should know before listing your Spring Texas home

Spring and Summer is always the beginning! The Spring Texas real estate market heats up just as the weather heats up. So if you are planning on selling your Spring Texas home anytime in the near future, here are a few things you should know.

Showing your Spring Texas home.

Remember when buyers make a decision to purchase a home they do it emotionally! First they decide what area they want to live in. Spring Texas is many buyer’s first pick! Then they begin house hunting. The feeling they get from the homes they view in the Spring area, and the way they picture themselves enjoying the home are two of the most important factors in the decision process.

Prior to every showing.

1. Open drapes or blinds.
2. Turn on lights.
3. Turn on soft music.
4. Put any animals outside or in their kennels.
5. Be sure the thermostat is set for cool or heat depending on the time of year.
6. Leave during your showing if possible. Most buyers prefer to view homes with their Realtor only.

Removing these things from your home while you are on the market is recommended.

1. Personal Photos & Decorations – If your shelves and/or walls are covered with and abundance of photos and decorative pieces, it is time to start packing them up. When buyers are looking at homes, you want them to focus on the wonderful features your home as to offer, not your décor.
2. Your Personal Valuables – it is always best to put away any money, jewelry, and family heirlooms. Even though a licensed Realtor will be with any protentional buyers while they view your home, it is best to be safe than sorry.
3. Personal Documents – Sadly identity theft happens more than most people even imagine. Therefore, it is recommended that as a seller you put away any bills, personal paperwork, credit cards, etc. that someone could obtain your personal information from.
4. Medication – Many home owners tend to leave their daily medication in view as a reminder that they need to be taken i.e. in the kitchen, bathroom or next to the bed. To insure that your medication does not come up missing, be sure to put it away and out of sight while your home is on the market for sale.
5. Personal Calendars – Calendars, like social media, is one of the best ways criminals find out who is home and not home. Don’t make it public information by leaving out your calendars or any other information that might reflect when you will be gone. Why make things easy on today’s criminals?

Hopefully this information serves to be helpful to you as a Spring Texas seller. For more information please contact one of the professional Realtors at RE/MAX Integrity, 19510 Kuykendahl, SPRING TEXAS 281-370-5100.

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Celebrating 1 Year With The Dosey Doe Breakfast & BBQ!

The Dosey Doe Breakfast & BBQ lovingly referred to as the DDBBQ is now open! Located at 2626 Research Forest Blvd right next to the Dry Clean Super Center and featuring your Dosey Doe favorites from Huevos Rancheros and Biscuits & Gravy offerings to the Ginormous Chicken Fried Steak, Gumbo and, of course, our own Roasted Coffees.
Sixteen hour hickory and red oak smoked brisket, smoked and jalapeno sausages, pulled pork and smoked chicken, as well a great assortment of handhelds such as the Fried Catfish Sammy and Fried Green Tomato BLT.

Dosey Doe is a gourmet country restaurant and coffee shop located in an historic 150 year old barn transported from Kentucky, which was re-raised and given new life as a Dining/Live Music Hall. The main location of Dosey Doe is located on I-45 and offers live entertainment as well as a select menu of gourmet entrees. The “Little Doe” Coffee Shop is conveniently located in the Village of Alden Bridge offering your favorite Dosey Doe coffee and a full breakfast menu. The Dosey Doe Music Cafe was located on FM 1488 about a half mile west of I-45, until construction forced it’s closure at the end of 2016. Dosey Doe Breakfast and Barbecue offers just as the name says; Dosey Doe’s signature BBQ dishes, as well as favorites from the Dosey Doe breakfast menu – for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All Dosey Doe locations are non-smoking.

Our own BBQ Sauce, Honey, Specialty Pickles added to Betty’s State Fair of Texas Blue Ribbon Marmalades and, of course, our own award winning Coffees are on the shelf.

We know that lunchtime can be tight so we make sure it’s FAST, FRESH & FABULOUS at the DDBBQ!



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Are You Ready for a Hurricane?


NOAA Photo: Map of hurricanes strikes on the United States coast from 1950-2017

Colorado State University’s Extended Range Forecast of Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity and Landfall Strike Probability For 2018 predicts a slightly above average amount of activity for the 2018 hurricane season and no anticipated El Nino event.

Colorado State’s Forecast

  • 14 Named Storms (average 12)
  • 7 Hurricanes (average 6.5)
  • 3 Major Hurricanes (average 2)


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecast

  • including 10-16 named storms
  • 5-9 hurricanes
  • 1-4 major hurricanes (wind speed at least 111 mph)



  • Water (one gallon a day for each person for two weeks)
  • Non-perishable food
  • Medications and medical records
  • First aid kit
  • Medical supplies and batteries
  • Important documents
  • Cellphone chargers
  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Personal hygiene necessities
  • Cash (ATMs and credit card machines may not function immediately after a storm)
  • Sentimental or special items for infants, elderly or disabled family members
  • Sleeping bags and blankets
  • Pet supplies (collar, leash, ID, food, carrier, bowls
  • Maps
  • Battery powered radio
  • Flashlight
  • Whistle (to signal for help if needed)
  • Dust masks, plastic sheets and duct tape (to filter contaminated air and build shelter)
  • Manual can opener
  • Extra clothing and rain gear

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How to Safeguard This Big Investment

Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial commitments you’ll ever make, and it’s understandable to want to protect your investment throughout the purchase process. When you’re ready to make an offer on a home, adding a contingency to your contract can give you time to assess the property and feel confident that it is a sound investment.

Here are five contingencies that can safeguard your investment:

1. A financing contingency ensures you’re not on the hook if something goes awry with your loan. If you’re unable to secure a mortgage or the terms and conditions change significantly during the contingency period, you can back out without any penalties.

2. An inspection contingency gives you a set time frame to have a professional home inspection done on the property. Should issues be found, you can negotiate with the seller to make repairs or adjust the sales price to account for the home’s condition.

3. An appraisal contingency protects you if an appraisal comes in below the sales price. When this happens, it’s up to you to make up the difference, either by securing additional financing, paying it out of pocket or renegotiating the deal. If none of these methods work, the contingency allows you to back out without losing your earnest money.

4. A home sale contingency is crucial if you’re selling an existing home while buying a new one. Essentially, its says your purchase relies on your ability to sell your current home by a specific date. If you haven’t accepted an offer in that period, you can withdraw and get your earnest money back.

5. An occupancy contingency protects you, should you need to move into your new home by specific time, Its gives you possession of the home on the date you specify.

It’s no secret that today’s housing market is a competitive one, and bidding wars can be intimidating. Get in touch today to ensure that your bid stands out and your investment is protected.

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1. Declutter Before Your Move

The more you can clean out your house before you move, the better off you’ll be.  The less you have to physically move, the less exhausted and stressed you’ll be on moving day.  If you’re felling overwhelmed by how much you have, try the 12-12-12 rule.  Donate 12 things, throw away 12 items, and return 12 items to their proper place.  This is an easy, laid back way to declutter your space quickly.

2. Pack for a Successful Move

Packing your boxes well is critical to all your belongings arriving in tip-top shape.  Pack your plates, dishware, frames, and books vertically.  This will help reduce shifting and maximize space.  For packing your clothes, keep them on their hangers and wrap trash bags around a bundle at a time.  This makes them easy yo carry without falling on the ground.  For your beautiful accessories, thread delicate necklaces through a straw and fastening the clasp so they don’t get tangled.

3. Label Everything! Color Coding Works Wonders

Pack your house with the thought of unpacking it.  Labeling boxes with the things you’ll need as soon as you arrive, “Unpack First.”  Load these labeled boxes into your truck or portable storage container last.  When taping up your boxes, but different colored tape and assign a color for each room.  This will make unloading and sorting in your new home easier.

4. Take Pictures of your Audio & Video Components

Take a photo of your electronics wiring configuration before you pack them so you’ll be able to reconnect them at your new place.  There are tons of apps, like Evernote, Sortly and Google Keep that let you take images, record audio, and create checklists.

5. Buy All of Your Moving Supplies Before Moving Day

Stock up on rope and clothesline prior to moving day.  Make sure you securely pack all of your belongings and have your big items covered in the storage container to minimize shifting.  Moving bands are also a great way to wrap moving blankets around soft furniture, like couches and mattresses, before you tie them down in your container or moving truck.

6. Hire Packers and Loaders

You can be referred to labor help from trusted moving and storage companies.  Before hiring a company for your move, check their reviews, social media, and ask a friend for any recommendations as well.  Hiring professional and highly rated moving help can be the icing on the cake when it comes to planning an easy move.

7. Maximize Your “Cubed” Space

Pack as many of your items in boxes as you can, opposed to garbage bags or duffel bags.  Boxes stack well on each other and can give you a tight fit in your storage container or truck.  This makes all your belongings more secure and allows you to efficiently fit more stuff in a small space.

8. For Moving and Storage  – Think Outside the Truck

Portable storage containers allow you to have unlimited time when loading and unloading your belongings.  Stay organized and in control by loading your boxes into your container as soon as you pack them.  If you label them properly, this will eliminate confusion and spare you from drowning in a sea of boxes inside your home.

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Improve Your Home, Inside and Out

According to Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, “Spring is the time for plans and projects.” For many homeowners, these projects include home improvement projects around the home. The May Marketing Flyers are sure to help homeowners plan their next project, whether it’s to boost curb appeal or create more space in their homes.

What’s in the Box?

Spring is commonly thought of as the best time to list a home. Many homeowners who are thinking of selling turn their attention to their home’s exterior to find ways to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Even if homeowners aren’t thinking of selling anytime soon, they may be focused on exterior maintenance and repair projects as well as their overall landscape. The U.S. and Canadian Marketing Flyers outline several ways for homeowners to improve the curb appeal of their home to help them appeal to buyers and make their home the envy of the neighborhood. This is a competence piece intended to give you the opportunity to discuss the selling process with your clients, suggest improvements and connect them with service professional in your network.

With more people taking care of aging parents and adult children moving home, it’s become necessary for many homeowners to create more space in their existing homes to meet these changing needs. For homeowners who don’t wish to move, adding on tends to make the most sense. The Alternate Marketing Flyer provides an overview of the most common types of additions, including building a detached addition to use as an office, hobby space or put guests. This is a character piece intended to show your clients you care and discuss potential financing options with them, if appropriate.


Pop-By Ideas

-Deliver flowers to the mothers in your database
-Protect your clients while they enjoy more hours of sunlight with sunscreen
-Remember Memorial Day with American Flags (U.S.)
-Celebrate Victoria Day (Canada) by giving clients UK and Canadian flags
-Give your green thumbed clients garden tools and gloves
-What to Say: Follow-up Calls


“Spring is here and if you’ve been thinking of listing your home, you may be wondering how you can boost its curb appeal to make it stand out in our market. The information I sent this month offers several tips to help you get started. If you’re not thinking of listing, these tips are sure to help your home stand out in your neighborhood. Remember, I’m never too busy for your referrals and would be happy to follow up with them.”

October 2017 Standard IOV Alternate:

“A home addition can help you add space to your home when you’re not interested in moving. The information I sent this month provides an overview of the most common types of additions and also offers tips to renovate within your existing home. Remember, I’m never too busy for your referrals and would be happy to follow up with them.”

Business-to-Business Ideas

– Offer a coupon or discounted service to a local business in your network.

– Offer a coupon or discounted service to a local business in your network.

– Offer a coupon or discounted service to a local business in your network.

It’s always a great time for personal development

Have you signed up for Brian Buffini’s Success Tour or Buffini & Company’s GameChangers™? If not, what are you waiting for? Each event is loaded with all-new content and great advice and strategies from leading industry and business experts. Sign up and reserve your spot at an event near you.

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Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, Buffini & Company is the largest real estate coaching and training company in North America. Founded by real estate expert and master motivator Brian Buffini, the company provides a unique and highly-effective lead generation system and comprehensive business coaching and training programs which have helped entrepreneurs in 37 countries improve their business, increase net profit and enhance their quality of life.

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Texas Sentinels Mission

About the Texas Sentinels Foundation

We believe taking this burden will allow wounded military veterans to focus on recovery.

Bringing the community together creates a lasting bond with the wounded military veterans & his/her family.

By helping the wounded military veteran with rehabilitation and financial training, we are providing them with life skills.

While adjusting to their new life, the wounded military veteran will need the continued support of their team.

The Texas Sentinels Foundation (501(c)3 organization) was founded in 2007 by Richard and Jeanne Filip to give back to the military men and women of our Armed Forces who have served our country.

Jeanne and Richard Filip, first and last from left, enjoy a recent outing with Texas Sentinels recipients. The Filips are the founders of the Texas Sentinels Foundation.

The Texas Sentinels Foundation believes that through the personal sacrifice and heroic dedication of American Soldiers, freedom and security is available to all Americans.

The Texas Sentinels Foundation provides opportunities for all citizens to help create a better life for Wounded Military and their families and they appreciate the support from countless volunteers who participate in numerous activities throughout the state to honor our Wounded.

The Foundation’s mission is to provide qualified members of the U.S. Armed Forces who were severely injured in the line of duty on or after Sept. 11, 2001 with support adapted for their needs.

The Texas Sentinels Foundation offers support, primarily through the provision of housing and life scholarships, and helps these Wounded Military readjust to civilian life and prosper in their hometowns or new communities.

The Texas Sentinels Program continues to successfully adopt deserving soldiers throughout the state of Texas.

The foundation plans to continue this success in other areas of Texas, and it is through the commitment and support of individuals and businesses throughout Texas that they are able to make the dreams of these wounded military come alive.

The Texas Sentinels Foundation is led by its Executive Officer, Susie Barlow, who reports to the Texas Sentinels Foundation Board of Directors consisting of Richard Filip, Jeanne Filip, Charles El-Moussa, Brian Parker, Corby Callaway, Al Menconi and Dana Tuggle.

Since it’s establishment in 2007, the Texas Sentinels Foundation has supported Wounded Military in cities across Texas including Arlington, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Victoria, The Woodlands, Melissa, Richmond, Spring, Lake Belton, Alvin, Fresno, Baytown, Pearland, Sanger, Katy, Abilene and Missouri City.Barlow is a Gulf War combat veteran who has also served in Iraq, Southwest Asia, Europe and various stateside assignments. Before accepting the position of Executive Officer for the Texas Sentinels Foundation, Barlow served as an Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Army for more than 25 years and is a retired and highly decorated Lieutenant Colonel.

When it began, the mission of the Foundation was to coordinate teams of RE/MAX Realtors and other partnering organizations and businesses who would then rally around a Wounded Military to raise local money and support in an effort to build a home for the recipient.

In 2012, the mission of the organization expanded to provide other services to Wounded Military on an ongoing basis – and independent RE/MAX Realtors are still some of the biggest supporters of the organization.

Richard Filip, Texas Sentinels Foundation co-founder said, “It is the generosity of the Texas community that drives the organization’s effort. Community involvement is key, be it by contractors, suppliers, artisans or everyday citizens,” Filip said. “The community has embraced and accepted this opportunity as a way of saying ‘We want to help. We can do this. It is the right thing to do. We have room at the table in our Texas communities.’”

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2018 Housing Market Predications

Are you preparing to enter the housing market in 2018?

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, 2018 is likely to be a year of both challenges and opportunities. Our crystal ball is just as cloudy as everyone else’s these days, but based on recent trends and events, we can make a few predictions for the upcoming year.

Inventory Remains King – The housing market has been partially throttled by a short supply of homes, especially in the starter home market. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, over half of available homes were in the top third of home values. Supply should continue to increase and ease price pressures by the end of the year, but the total supply will still fall short of overall demand.

Slower Growth in Home Prices – Zillow reports that home prices are expected to rise 4.1% in 2018, a decrease from today’s 6.9% growth rate but well above the typical growth rate near 3%. Realtor.com expects a closer-to-average growth rate of 3.2%. This reflects an expectation that supply problems will ease somewhat – good news for homebuyers, but bad for homeowners who simply want to see the value of their home increase.

Interest Rates Will Increase – How many times have you heard that one? This year, it’s likely to come to pass. Interest rates have risen slightly thanks to three small rate increases by the Federal Reserve, and the pace is likely to continue. Realtor.com and the Mortgage Bankers Association both expect the interest rate on a 30-year fixed loan to reach 5% during 2018 – the highest level since February 2011.

Entry-Level Homes Rebound – Typically, developers focus on middle to upper-end housing. High land expenses, labor costs, and regulatory burdens make it difficult to get a suitable return on investment with more affordable housing. However, a lack of inventory and more Millennials entering the market should drive up entry-level prices and make them tempting targets for developers. It’s likely that there will still be a shortage of affordable housing, but expect supply in this segment to increase and for prices to stabilize.

Overall, housing starts are expected to rise by 3% over the previous year, with single-family homes increasing at a brisk 7%. New home sales are predicted to increase by 7% over 2018, while existing home sales are predicted to increase by only 2.5%.

Tax Plan Effects – The final tax bill is likely to depress the housing market, especially in certain areas. Collective state and local tax deductions are now limited to $10,000; therefore, the overall tax bills in states with high taxes and high property values could increase significantly. These markets should see reduced appreciation on homes as buyers find the local market less desirable. Mortgage interest deduction limits on new homes were cut to $750,000, further hitting the high-value markets.

The effects are not all at the upper end of the scale. The increase in the standard deduction reduces the tax incentives for lower and middle-income consumers to purchase a home. The pace of new home construction and sales may be dampened as a result. However, Moody’s predicts some rural areas will see a rise in home prices as a result of the tax bill – mostly in the West, Upper Midwest, and Alaska.

Suburban Sprawl Increases – Housing disincentives in urban areas are likely to drive Millennials and other first-time home buyers further out into the suburbs, where developers can build more affordable homes via lower land costs.

In general, the market should begin to shift away from the current supply imbalance, blunting price increases. Homeowners will see lower rates of appreciation than they have in recent times, giving new opportunities to first-time homeowners.

However, generalities aren’t important to you – you only care about your local market and the value of your home. Keep a close eye on your local market for any factors that run counter to national trends, and you’ll be in position to make the most of your buying and selling opportunities in 2018.

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MoneyTips is happy to help you get free mortgage quotes from top lenders. https://www.moneytips.com/2018-housing-market-predictions/381


RE/MAX Integrity Agents and Office Win Top Awards

February 15, 2018 Laura Cook
Ruben & Nancy Villarreal Team During this week’s recognition of leading real estate professionals and top offices from the RE/MAX of Texas Region, RE/MAX Integrity, owned by Ruben & Nancy Villarreal, was recognized as one of the Top 5 Brokerages among the Houston Council of RE/MAX Offices for the 4th quarter.

Esther Cordova, Broker of RE/MAX Integrity, said, “this is a very gratifying of course, but it’s the fantastic agents in our office who are responsible for this award. This market has provided an opportunity for the best practitioners to stand out, and our agents exemplify the qualities of leadership, professionalism, and industry expertise that are responsible for this award presented to RE/MAX Integrity.”

LaPeer Team Both Team and Individual Awards were also presented. Ruben & Nancy Villarreal Team along with The LaPeer Team were among the RE/MAX Integrity teams who received both Statewide and Citywide recognition. In the Individual Agent Category, Melissa Franklin was recognized as one of the top agents Citywide. With an agent count of over 5,000 – to place in the Top 20 is a very rewarding achievement, a reflection of high work standards and true dedication to the real estate industry.

Melissa Franklin RE/MAX is a global organization in 100+ counties, enjoying #1 Market Share in the United States, selling more homes than any other organization. RE/MAX has donated over $140 Million to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, in a national sponsor of the Komen fight against breast cancer, and in Texas, builds homes for severely wounded warriors through the Texas Sentinels Foundation.


About RE/MAX Integrity:REMAXIntegrityLOGOnoaddress

RE/MAX Integrity is a locally owned and operated full-service real estate brokerage located in Spring, Texas. Founded in 2007, RE/MAX Integrity just expanded last year to include their second office in Willis, TX – Lake Conroe area. The brokerage has over 80 Realtors® and specializes in both residential and commercial real estate. RE/MAX Integrity is a proud supporter of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®, Soles for Souls Foundation, and Texas Sentinels along with numerous other local charities. Two office to service you better – 19510 Kuykendahl, Spring, TX and 10766 FM 1097, Willis, TX. To learn more, please visit http://www.realtorsatintegrity.com

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Avoiding Tax Scams

With tax season here, it’s important to avoid tax scams. Here are a few tips to make sure that your hard-earned money doesn’t end up in the wrong pocket.

By filing early, you can avoid someone beating you to your refund. The IRS accepts only one refund per Social Security number. If a thief has access to your Social Security number and files a bogus tax return, you could be out your tax refund. While the IRS is taking steps to prevent fraudulent returns, its never hurts to be safe rather than sorry. Sadly, most people don’t realize that they are victims of tax fraud until the IRS fails to accept their tax return. Be on the forefront of identity theft by checking your credit report frequently for suspicious activity.

If an “IRS agent” calls your house, beware. They may use a number of tactics, such as demanding payment, asking for a credit card number over the phone, or even threatening to have you arrested. Instead of conversing with a so-called IRS agent, hang up and call the IRS directly and report the scam. People have fallen for phone scams in recent years at a hefty price tag of over $23 million.

Have you ever received an email, text message, or a message on social media from the IRS requesting personal information? Or saying that you have an outstanding refund? Don’t take the bait. Hit DELETE instead. Phishing emails are engineered to retrieve sensitive, personal information from unsuspecting people. Beware of the request to “update your IRS e-file immediately” and look-alike IRS websites.

Avoid scams when April 15 rolls around. Protect your hard-earned tax refund. After all, you deserve it!

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