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Home Appreciation Prices

Questions continue to come up about where home prices will head throughout the rest of this year, as well as where they may be going over the few years beyond.

We’ve gathered current data from the industry’s most reliable sources to help answer these questions:

The Home Price Expectation Survey – A survey of over 100 market analysts, real estate experts, and economists conducted by Pulsenomics each quarter.

Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) – As the leading advocate for the real estate finance industry, the MBA enables members to successfully deliver fair, sustainable, and responsible real estate financing within ever-changing business environments.

Zelman & Associates – The firm leverages unparalleled housing market expertise, extensive surveys of industry executives, and rigorous financial analysis to deliver proprietary research and advice to leading global institutional investors and senior-level company executives.

Freddie Mac – An organization whose mission is to provide liquidity, stability, and affordability to the U.S. housing market in all economic conditions extending to all communities from coast to coast.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) – The largest association of real estate professionals in the world.

Fannie Mae – A leading source of financing for mortgage lenders, providing access to affordable mortgage financing in all markets.

Here’s the home price appreciation these experts are projecting over the next few years:

Home Price Appreciation Forecast | Keeping Current Matters

Home Price Appreciation Forecast | Keeping Current Matters

Bottom Line
Every source sees home prices continuing to appreciate, which is great news for the strength of the market. The increase is steepest throughout the rest of 2019, and prices should continue to rise as we move through 2020 and beyond.


You’ve most likely heard the rule: Save for a 20-percent down payment before you buy a home. The logic behind saving 20 percent is solid, as it shows that you have the financial discipline and stability to save for a long-term goal. It also helps you get favorable rates from lenders.

But there can actually be financial benefits to putting down a small down payment—as low as three percent—rather than parting with so much cash up front, even if you have the money available.


The downsides of a small down payment are pretty well known. You’ll have to pay Private Mortgage Insurance for years, and the lower your down payment, the more you’ll pay. You’ll also be offered a lesser loan amount than borrowers who have a 20-percent down payment, which will eliminate some homes from your search.


The national average for home appreciation is about five percent. The appreciation is independent from your home payment, so whether you put down 20 percent or three percent, the increase in equity is the same. If you’re looking at your home as an investment, putting down a smaller amount can lead to a higher return on investment, while also leaving more of your savings free for home repairs, upgrades, or other investment opportunities.


Of course, your home payment options aren’t binary. Most borrowers can find some common ground between the security of a traditional 20 percent and an investment-focused, small down payment. Your trusted real estate professional can provide some answers as you explore your financing options.


Down payments

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Housing inventory grows to pre-Harvey levels.

HOUSTON — (July 10, 2019) — Despite continued strength in the Houston real estate market fueled by more robust inventory and low interest rates, June home sales could not match the historic levels of a year earlier, in June of 2018. According to the latest monthly report from the Houston Association of REALTORS® (HAR), single-family home sales were down 3.4 percent. However, on a year-to-date basis, sales are still outpacing 2018’s record volume.

Homes in the $250,000 to $500,000 range comprised the only housing segment to enjoy sales gains when compared to last June’s record-breaking performance. The luxury segment (homes priced at $750,000 and above) was flat.

The median price of a single-family home (the figure at which half of the homes sold for more and half sold for less) reached an all-time high, climbing 2.9 percent to $252,000. The average price rose to the highest level ever for a June, up 2.0 percent to $321,973.

Consumers shopping for a home in the greater Houston area now have more options available, as housing inventory reached a 4.4-months supply in June – returning to levels last seen before Hurricane Harvey ravaged the market in August 2017. A year ago, the supply stood at 4.1 months.

June sales of all property types totaled 9,461. That is down 5.1 percent compared to the same month last year. Total dollar volume for the month declined 3.1 percent to $2.9 billion.

“We knew it would be difficult to top last June’s record-breaking sales volume, but the Houston real estate market remains strong and now offers prospective buyers an even greater selection of housing than they’ve had in some time,” said HAR Chair Shannon Cobb Evans with Heritage Texas Properties. “Consumers also continue to show interest in rental properties, which had another impressive performance in June.

Lease Property Update

Consumer demand for lease properties was up again in June compared to one year prior. Single-family home rentals rose 3.0 percent while rentals of townhomes and condominiums increased 3.2 percent. The average rent for single-family homes edged up 2.2 percent to $1,922 while the average rent for townhomes and condominiums fell 3.2 percent to $1,606.

June Monthly Market Comparison

The Houston real estate market provided a mixed bag of readings in June. Single-family home sales, total property sales and total dollar volume declined when compared to June 2018 while pricing and inventory were on the rise. Month-end pending sales of single-family homes totaled 8,796, a 13.2 percent increase over last year. Total active listings, or the total number of available properties, climbed 11.0 percent to 45,262.

Single-family homes inventory grew to a 4.4-months supply in June. That is up from 4.1 months a year earlier and restores a supply level that prevailed before Hurricane Harvey affected the region in August of 2017. For perspective, housing inventory across the U.S. currently stands at a 4.3-months supply, according to the latest report from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

Single-Family Homes Update

June marked the first month of 2019 with declining single-family home sales, due to the record-breaking levels of one year earlier. Realtors sold a total of 8,097 units versus 8,385 a year earlier. That translates to a 3.4 percent decline. On a year-to-date basis, however, single-family home sales are running 1.4 percent ahead of 2018’s record pace.

The median home price reached an all-time high of $252,000, up 2.9 percent from June 2018. The average price rose 2.0 percent to $321,973, the highest ever for a June.

Days on Market (DOM), or the number of days it took the average home to sell, was 49 compared to 48 a year ago. Inventory expanded to a 4.4-months supply. That is up from 4.1 months year-over-year and restores a supply of homes last seen before Hurricane Harvey struck in August 2017. It is slightly above the national inventory of 4.3 months reported by NAR.

Broken out by housing segment, June sales performed as follows:

$1 – $99,999: decreased 8.1 percent
$100,000 – $149,999: decreased 31.9 percent
$150,000 – $249,999: decreased 4.7 percent
$250,000 – $499,999: increased 0.7 percent
$500,000 – $749,999: decreased 4.7 percent
$750,000 and above: unchanged

HAR also breaks out sales activity for existing single-family homes. Existing home sales totaled 6,821 in June, down 2.6 percent versus the same month last year. The average sales price rose 3.3 percent to $314,725 while the median sales price increased 3.8 percent to $243,000.

Houston Real Estate Highlights in June

  • Single-family home sales fell shy of last June’s record-setting levels, declining 3.4 percent year-over-year, with 8,097 units sold, marking the first down sales month of 2019;
  • On a year-to-date basis, single-family home sales are 1.4 percent ahead of 2018’s record pace;
  • Days on Market (DOM) for single-family homes went from 48 to 49 days;
  • Total property sales fell 5.1 percent, with 9,461 units sold;
  • Total dollar volume slid 3.1 percent to slightly more than $2.9 billion;
  • The single-family home median price rose 2.9 percent to $252,000, achieving an all-time high;
  • The single-family home average price was up 2.0 percent to $321,973 – a record high for a June;
  • Single-family homes months of inventory reached a 4.4-months supply, up from 4.1 months last June and the most plentiful level since before Hurricane Harvey tore through the region in August 2017. For comparison, the national inventory is at a 4.3-months supply, according to NAR;
  • Townhome/condominium sales fell 16.2 percent with 584 units sold. The average price was up 6.7 percent to $224,812 and the median price rose 8.7 percent to $177,250;
  • Single-family home rentals increased 3.0 percent with the average rent up 2.2 percent to $1,922;
    Volume of townhome/condominium leases rose 3.2 percent with the average rent down 3.2 percent to $1,606.

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Refinancing your mortgage is something most homeowners consider at least once throughout the lifespan of their home loan. It allows you to pay off your previous loan by applying for a new one that has better financial advantages. While there are many good reasons to refinance, here are five common ones.

Scoring a lower interest rate. The number one reason homeowners decide to refinance is to secure a lower interest rate on their mortgage. Not only does this save you money in the long run and decrease your monthly payment, but you can start building equity in your home sooner.

Using an improved credit score. Even if interest rates have not dropped in the market, if you’ve improved your credit score over the last few years, you may be able to reduce your mortgage rate.

Shortening the loan’s term. If interest rates are decreasing, there is a chance you may be able to get a shorter loan term with little to no change in your monthly payment, allowing you to pay off your loan sooner.
Switching from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate. If you chose an adjustable-rate mortgage with great introductory rates when you initially financed your home, that rate may increase significantly over the years. By switching to a fixed rate while interest rates are low, you can protect yourself from future increases.

Cashing out home equity. If there is a big purchase or payment on the horizon, such as funding a wedding or going back to school, your best option may be to use the equity you’ve built in your home to borrow money at a lower cost.

RE/MAX Integrity – Two Offices Spring and Willis, Texas


Before you purchase a home, it’s important to educate yourself of the various types of mortgages you can get so you can make the right decision when the time comes to choose yours.

Types of Mortgages

Fixed Rate. The most popular on the market, a fixed-rate mortgage is ideal for homeowners who expect to stay in their home for many years. With a fixed interest rate and monthly payment, this loan makes it easier to plan your budget year over year.

Adjustable-Rate. This type of mortgage offers a lower interest rate and monthly payment at first, then slowly increases as time goes on. This type of loan can be beneficial for younger home buyers who expect to grow in their careers and make more money in the future.

Government-Insured. There are several types of government-backed mortgages including Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loans, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) loans, and more. These programs can help you finance a home if you meet each one’s qualifications.

Conforming. A conforming loan is one that falls within the maximum limits set by government agencies that back most U.S. mortgages, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. With this type of mortgage, borrowing costs and required down payment are generally less, but interest rates can be a little higher.

Jumbo. This type of conventional loan applies if the home’s price exceeds federal loan limits. Your credit score generally must exceed 700 and you are required to make a larger down payment. However, it allows you to borrow more money to purchase a more expensive home.


5 Types of Mortgage


Start Your Day on the Positive…Early Bird Status!

Ever wish you could become one of those rare morning people? The ones that wake with a start, feeling refreshed and energized. The ones that get in that morning workout or wrap up some work before many of us even hit the snooze button for the first time. Here are five tips to help you achieve that early bird status!

1. Create a morning schedule. Physically write down the things you’d like to complete in the morning and set a time for each. Then stick with it. Once you force yourself out of bed early one or two weeks consistently, you’ll find it gets easier and easier to do.

2. Let the light in. Whether natural or artificial, light tells your brain its time to get up and get going. If your room lacks large windows where you can open the blinds up, consider investing in a timed lamp or alarm clock with a light.

3. Prep and eat breakfast. Although there are many of us who chose the skip breakfast, it is key to perking up your energy in the morning. Try prepping protein-focused meals the night before or grab a yogurt or fruit and try to consume it right after you wake.

4. Get your body moving. Whether it’s a short walk around your neighborhood or a rigorous 5:30 am spin class, getting your blood pumping will help wake up your body and has a ton of other benefits, like stress and anxiety reduction.

5. Feed your mind. Stimulate your brain and do something you enjoy first thing in the morning. Try reading a favorite book, catching up on the news, doing daily meditation, or setting intentions.


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What to Look For in a New Home Builder

You’ve found the perfect patch of land and now you’re ready to build your new home, from

The right home builder is the key between a beautiful custom home and a project
filled with delays and extra costs – a money pit. If you don’t have a great builder on speed dial,
how can you find a good new home contractor? Here are a few tips for making sure you get
the best builder for your project.

Build a List of Options – The first step is to find local builders who create homes which
suit your lifestyle and taste.

Do Your Homework – Ask for references and take your time in doing your due diligence.
Ask for past clients who will be willing to meet with you and show you the actual homes
they have built. Ask about the process and if they finished on time. Ask about problems
and find out how the builder solved them.

Learn About the Subcontractors – A strong builder works with the best craftsmen in the
area. Ask about the subcontractors and interview them and check their references as

Learn all you can about the builder and their projects. Make sure the homes are built with
solid materials and construction techniques. Before you choose anyone, you should feel
completely assured they will create a great home and completely understand your vision.

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RE/MAX Integrity Welcomes Milena Canal!

RE/MAX Realtor, Milena Canal
Moves Business to RE/MAX Integrity!

Ruben & Nancy Villarreal, Owners of RE/MAX Integrity, along with Esther Cordova, Broker, has announced that top producing REALTOR Milena Canal, has moved her business to their office. “We are so excited to add such a real estate icon as Milena to our office,” said Ruben.

Whether you are a first-time buyer, an experienced investor, or simply changing your house to fit your needs, you can be rest assured your real estate needs will be covered with Milena, who has been assisting families with their real estate needs since 1998 in The Woodlands and surrounding areas.

As an industry veteran, Milena’s product knowledge, innovative marketing and negotiating skills, gives her a winning solution for all her clients. “I fully expect Milena to hit the ground running. I’ve seen how she handles her clients, and the quality of professionalism she demonstrates in every phase of customer service, and could not be more pleased to be adding such a veteran with her experience to the RE/MAX Integrity family”, stated Esther Cordova.


You can reach Milena Canal at RE/MAX Integrity, 281-370-5100, or directly at 281-451-4361.





About RE/MAX Integrity:
RE/MAX Integrity is a locally owned and operated full-service real estate brokerage located in Spring, Texas. Founded in 2007, and expanded last year to include their second office in Willis, TX – Lake Conroe area. The brokerage has over 80 Realtors® and specializes in both residential and commercial real estate. RE/MAX Integrity is a proud supporter of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®, Soles for Souls Foundation, and Texas Sentinels along with numerous other local charities. Two office to service you better – 19510 Kuykendahl, Spring, TX and 14202 FM 1097, Willis, TX. To learn more, please visit www.realtorsatintegrity.com or contact the office directly at 281-370-5100.


Each night, once the Rodeo dust settles, a superstar takes the stage to entertain the crowds. The star entertainers begin performing after the last rodeo event is completed each evening and the stage is set. Actual start times for the concert can vary day to day due to the different number of rodeo competitors and other production elements.

  • Weekday rodeos start at 6:45 p.m. The entertainer takes the stage at approximately 8:45 p.m. NRG Stadium gates open at 6 p.m.
  • Weekend rodeos start at 3:45 p.m. The entertainer takes the stage at approximately 5:45 p.m. NRG Stadium gates open at 3 p.m.(The Saturday, March 16, 2019, rodeo performance will begin at 2:45 p.m., and the concert will begin at approximately 6:15 p.m. The Sunday, March 17, 2019,concert only performance will begin at 7 p.m., with no rodeo on this day.)

5 Helpful Tips To Secure Your Personal Information

5 Helpful Tips to Secure Your Personal Information, Engagement pictures on Instagram. Job relocation announcements on Facebook. Birthday celebrations shared over Snapchat. Whether it’s a simple picture of your home decorated for the holidays or a video of your wedding day, not much is kept off social media these days.

While it’s fun to update your friends and family on your latest adventures, you could potentially be oversharing and aiding thieves interested in stealing your personal information. It’s important to be aware of what you’re posting online to protect yourself from identity theft and to ensure your private information isn’t leaked.

Here are 5 tips to help keep your sensitive information safe:

1. Social Media – Pause Before You Post While you may want to keep your friends and family in the loop, it’s essential to maintain a profile clean of all personal information. Before sharing a post, think to yourself, “can an identity thief use this information to access any of my accounts?” If so, you may want to reconsider sharing. Oversharing on social media includes posting sensitive information such as your address, full birthday (month/day/year), license plate number, credit status, driver’s license number, passport information, social security number or your school’s name. Facebook offers an extensive “about me” section, but remember, it’s not mandatory. Leave these fields empty or choose smart answers such as listing your birthday month and day, while leaving out the year. Simply list the state you reside in, as opposed to your home town. These simple choices can help protect you in the long run. Most importantly, don’t forget to review your privacy settings and make sure you know all your social media “friends.” Having a lot of friends on social media may serve as an ego boost, but it also decreases the control you hold over the information you post.

2. Program Automatic Software Updates to Occur It’s tempting to push the “remind me later” button when you see a software update pop-up, but it’s essential to keep your operating system’s software up-to-date at all times. To avoid lapses between updates, and for ease of mind, set your computer’s automatic updates. Keeping your firewall, Java and Flash updated will help you keep viruses and hackers out.

3. Laptops – Lock Them Up Have you ever found yourself working in a coffee shop, getting up to use the restroom but wondering what to do with your laptop? Chances are you just left it unattended. While the customers at Starbucks may look trustworthy, you can never be too sure. Instead, err on the side of caution and lock it up. Password protection can assist in deterring unwanted guests and should be the first course of action. However, you may want to consider purchasing a laptop combination lock for added security. They can be purchased online and can save you a ton of time, money and stress.

4. Free Wi-Fi Doesn’t Always Mean Safe Wi-Fi! Because we live in a world run by technology, you can probably find a “free Wi-Fi” sign just about everywhere you go. You can find it at the airport, grocery store, mall, coffee shop, book store and universities. While free Wi-Fi may be perfect for browsing your Facebook feed or binge-watching episodes of Stranger Things, any information you send over this connection may not be secure. Before shopping online, logging into your bank account, or accessing your latest credit card statement, make sure you are utilizing a secure wireless connection to ensure all your information is protected.

5. The Little Computer in Your Back Pocket From Apple Pay to Chase Mobile, your smartphone is filled with more personal information than you probably even realize. As technology continues to evolve, society seems to trust smartphones to hold personal information more and more, and that comes with higher risk. Paying for your Chick-fil-A with Apple Pay or depositing your pay check using your iPhone may be super convenient. But convenience should never supersede protecting yourself and the information your phone holds. Always make sure to utilize the PIN/password function on your phone and never share this code with others. Keep your phone’s operating system up-to-date and avoid leaving your phone unattended. Likewise, take advantage of the applications offered by your phone’s operating system such as Android Device Manager or Find My iPhone.

Ruben & Nancy Villarreal
RE/MAX Integrity

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