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1. Declutter Before Your Move

The more you can clean out your house before you move, the better off you’ll be.  The less you have to physically move, the less exhausted and stressed you’ll be on moving day.  If you’re felling overwhelmed by how much you have, try the 12-12-12 rule.  Donate 12 things, throw away 12 items, and return 12 items to their proper place.  This is an easy, laid back way to declutter your space quickly.

2. Pack for a Successful Move

Packing your boxes well is critical to all your belongings arriving in tip-top shape.  Pack your plates, dishware, frames, and books vertically.  This will help reduce shifting and maximize space.  For packing your clothes, keep them on their hangers and wrap trash bags around a bundle at a time.  This makes them easy yo carry without falling on the ground.  For your beautiful accessories, thread delicate necklaces through a straw and fastening the clasp so they don’t get tangled.

3. Label Everything! Color Coding Works Wonders

Pack your house with the thought of unpacking it.  Labeling boxes with the things you’ll need as soon as you arrive, “Unpack First.”  Load these labeled boxes into your truck or portable storage container last.  When taping up your boxes, but different colored tape and assign a color for each room.  This will make unloading and sorting in your new home easier.

4. Take Pictures of your Audio & Video Components

Take a photo of your electronics wiring configuration before you pack them so you’ll be able to reconnect them at your new place.  There are tons of apps, like Evernote, Sortly and Google Keep that let you take images, record audio, and create checklists.

5. Buy All of Your Moving Supplies Before Moving Day

Stock up on rope and clothesline prior to moving day.  Make sure you securely pack all of your belongings and have your big items covered in the storage container to minimize shifting.  Moving bands are also a great way to wrap moving blankets around soft furniture, like couches and mattresses, before you tie them down in your container or moving truck.

6. Hire Packers and Loaders

You can be referred to labor help from trusted moving and storage companies.  Before hiring a company for your move, check their reviews, social media, and ask a friend for any recommendations as well.  Hiring professional and highly rated moving help can be the icing on the cake when it comes to planning an easy move.

7. Maximize Your “Cubed” Space

Pack as many of your items in boxes as you can, opposed to garbage bags or duffel bags.  Boxes stack well on each other and can give you a tight fit in your storage container or truck.  This makes all your belongings more secure and allows you to efficiently fit more stuff in a small space.

8. For Moving and Storage  – Think Outside the Truck

Portable storage containers allow you to have unlimited time when loading and unloading your belongings.  Stay organized and in control by loading your boxes into your container as soon as you pack them.  If you label them properly, this will eliminate confusion and spare you from drowning in a sea of boxes inside your home.

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